The Only System that replicates four types of “Natural” energies, meet the BioCharger!

One of the most advanced subtle energy devices on the market, with thousands of programs to choose from, this unit addresses health concerns at the cellular level, improves focus and sleep and accelerates recovery times.

The BioCharger is a non-invasive multi-tasker that can address many symptoms.

At Salt of the Earth groups of four participants can sit comfortably around this amazing device for a healthy dose of subtle energies in a matter of minutes. The BioCharger is the ultimate Recharging station for mind, body, and soul! Call today to schedule an appointment. Your cells will thank you!

Chakra Balancing: 20 minutes

In order to feel happier, the heart chakra should be sufficiently activated. In order to achieve happiness and joy we need to take care of the heart chakra as well as its opposite chakra, the solar plexus chakra that is the center for lower emotions. If all the chakras and energy channels are clean and bright the physical and emotional health of the body is improved.

Quickie Energy Balance: 20 minutes

Flush stagnant energies and toxins from the body and support the flow of lymph in your system. This hands-on treatment uses a deep pressure to aid in the release of toxins in the body, get energies moving and boost the healing process. Lymphatic clearing can help prevent illness by purifying your body and energies.

Our lymph nodes fill with toxins as the body works to get back into balance and fight -illness. Stimulating specific points on the body are used to clear the way for toxins to drain into the lymphatic system.

Need a boost of energy? Strenghten your immune system, clear out clogged or stagnant energy, balance basic energy systems and activate the joy circuits in the body. Gentle hands-on touch is used to activate and balance the body’s energies.

Healy Sessions
Holistic Healthy
Living With Healy
Healy World is developing innovative new systems and concepts for health and wellbeing. Our common vision is that all people are able to live holistically healthy lives. To this end we focus on frequencies, exercise and nutrition.
Healy World: A unique modular system for health, fitness and vitality. A universal idea and a multi-tiered integrated concept!
More than 700,000 applications on clients and patients with foundational Healy technology and know-how.
More than 2,500 practitioners, health consultants and other professionals are using foundational Healy technology.
Information Field technology has been successfully used in more than 45 countries.


The Three Pillars of Health:
Nutrition – Frequencies – Exercise
Nutrition for Life
Digital Nutrition Application
Frequencies for Life
Motion for Life
Healy Watch

Today is the first day of the rest of your life
Take a journey…..inwards
Self, meet Soul Open your heart and break free from the lower ego vibrations of humanism. Learn to access your own inner GPS. Tapping into the deepest layer of self brings enlightenment, transformation, and inner peace.When you access it freely, with no expectations it’s clear sailing to the beauty of abundance. Arrive at the stillness and simply open the door to your own soul’s awakening.

Are you ready to shift your focus? Are you ready to transform?
Salt of the Earth offers several treatments and therapies to help you begin your consciousness evolutionary process.

  • Meditation Programs in the Saltcave
  • Crystal Light Therapy
  • Chakra Balance Therapies
  • Past Life Therapy
  • Himalayan Harmonics in the Saltcave
  • Healy Programs
  • BioCharger Programs
  • And More

Focuses on the body’s own language and the ability to understand the messages it is giving us in order to heal. Our beliefs and emotions are often the messages that our problems speak through.

The causes of emotional, mental and physical ailments that stem from your ancestry, conception, birth and childhood can be activated by circumstances in your present life. Tracy will help identify the psychosomatic patterns, such as internal conflict or stress as it relates to your medical condition in order to release it so you can heal.

Tracy says the real key to this healing technique is how it focuses on the emotional component of a disease or illness. Discovering the psychosomatic blocks behind your challenges and resolving the trauma from your past, will free you to live a successful and fulfilling life.

Tracy Savage, Practitioner

Some of us have phobias we “can’t explain” or possibly “don’t understand.” Healing through past life regression aims to reveal and resolve those past life events so you may move on from them, without them holding you back in any way.

Past life regressions may offer insight, which will help you understand and resolve any unexplainable or irrational reactions.

If you suffer from health conditions such as anxiety or stress, you may consider past life regression therapy to help you overcome the symptoms. For example, someone who has struggled with weight all their life, might find out they starved to death in a previous life or spent much time without food.

Resolving the trauma from a past life can help you let go of things that were holding you back in life. Past life therapy is not the same thing as meeting with a psychic or having your fortune told. It is a gentle version of hypnotherapy that enables you to access memories of a previous incarnation on earth via your subconscious mind.

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