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Our Mission
Our Mission At Salt of the Earth, we specialize in holistic therapies that address the "whole" body, physically, mentally and emotionally. Using Energy, Ionized Air, Light, Vibration, Frequencies and Sound, we offer a combination of state of the art technology with natural healing techniques that have been proven effective time and time again. All treatments are unique to the individual's personal needs and preferences
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About Salt of the Earth
Salt of the Earth is located in Woodbury Connecticut, a beautiful small country town with a New England Theme. This organic community offers many fine eateries, walking trails, antique shops and great places to stay if you are traveling from out of town to visit with us. Local attractions nearby for the little ones. Healthy lifestyles are the main focus among the locals and they take pride in maintaining a balance between natural beauty and the town's economic infrastructure. We love our location and hope to see you soon.

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What Our Customers Say

Fell in love with this place!
The salt ‘cave’ is literally one of the best I have found, so relaxing!

Great energy there.
Highly recommend!

I loved the services they offered me and
the cave is like taking a nap along the oceanside.

When I first arrived at the Salt of the Earth Spa, I was greeted with a kind, sweet, open, accepting, loving energy. I was at my lowest point in my life, and Sue stepped up to provide me with the understanding and support that I needed at that exact moment. It was more than just spiritual; it was grounding and healing.

Tracy is more than just a medical intuitive, she is a true healer. I’ve never felt more understood, and she immediately knew exactly what to practice, and say to lift me back up. Every session with her was truly unique and tailored towards my present energy at the time, it’s never the exact same experience.

Mischa is a beautiful beacon of light, hope and healing. She intuitively knew how to bring up past trauma intuitively, and helped me to face and see what I had been blocking from my healing practice without saying a word through her gift of energy and loving touch. This is more than a massage, it’s a in depth spiritual experience of understanding yourself, and past experiences with the power of letting go with love and guidance.

Lissa can only be described as a true energy worker and empath. Upon meeting her for the first time, she immediately sensed my need for an embrace of true love and understanding energy. With no words spoken, my soul immediately connected with her pure loving energy. She identified with me on both a spiritual and real-world level and incorporated both so eloquently, that I was like meeting my soul sister.

One of my favorite therapies at The Salt of the Earth, is the Salt Bed. It replicated to me the feeling of being safe and protected much like the experience of a mother’s womb. I was able to be quiet and meditate deeply on what I needed to focus on myself in a quiet, protected, safe space. The salt is clearing and healing, opening up the lungs much like a sea breeze from nature.

The Chakra tune-up is a wonderful way to deeply mediate and balance your energetic field. I was able to deeply relax, and focus on aligning myself for my highest good. My meditation was clear, and I was able to understand what my Angels wanted to say and heard all loving advice and goodness from the Divine.

The Red-Light NIR therapy provided relief of pain and trauma associated with life events effectively. I slept better, and felt lighter upon completing the treatment. The warm healing light also assisted me with feeling safe and open to what was needed for my highest good on my healing journey, in my session.

I can’t say enough about all the Professional Healers at the Salt of the Earth Spa. They are truly here to raise your vibration into the light of the Divine and to enhance your unique journey through life on the road to spiritual and physically oneness and health. I feel honored and privileged to have meet all of these fantastic, great ladies and look forward to growing on this unwavering journey we call life.

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