Breathe Together Saltcave Session up to 8 Participants
Private Saltcave Session up to 8 Participants

A heart opening experience, our Saltrooms provide the ultimate breathing environment, giving your respiratory system a much needed break and cleansing. Immersion of healthy negative ions will calm your nerves, reduce any stress and oxygenate your bloodstream. Salted air removes mucus and congestion while reducing inflammation. Take a mini escape in our Saltcave. Bring your favorite blanket, settle into our zero gravity chair and forget the world, promising yourself that you’ll be back in 45 minutes. 45 minutes to clean out the mental closet of stress, anxiety and depression. 45 minutes to clean out your respiratory system, and detox your skin. 45 minutes for much needed rest and prayer. We will provide the ultimate space for your 45 minutes.

Breathe Together

Restore your health and strengthen your relationships in the Saltcave with a private 45 minute session. Reconnect with your loved ones, treat your family, friends or co-workers to a healing space full of purified salted air while listening to frquency tuned music. Additional services optional while enjoying your mini-escape. While we encourage families to utilize the Lagoon Room for our smaller folk, children younger than 12 can be in the SaltCave if it’s a Private Session.

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