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Salt of the Earth offers a list of heavenly healing treatments and therapies. The salt in the air, the higher concentration of healthy ions in our treatment rooms and the abundance of minerals that you will find throughout, aid and support any session with additional healing benefits. Our therapies restore balance through purified clean air, touch, heat and energy. Our certified and experienced practitioners personalize each session and treatment to accommodate individual needs and preferences.

Our staff and practitioners meet you where you are at this very moment

All healing sessions are unique and custom to you. There are no cookie cutter treatments at Salt of the Earth. All sessions are supported by light, sound, frequencies, and touch, utilizing the expertise and skills of our Practitioners in Therapeutic Rooms that support and accelerate the wellness protocols they provide. You are made up of many layers. Those layers come in many forms through mental physical and spiritual circumstances. In order to heal you must dentify the root cause of the Dis-ease or you will be forever chasing the symptoms.

Check out our self care services such as Red Light/NIR Therapy, BioCharger, Crystal Light Therapy, Saltbed and Healy Sessions. You may wish to add one of these treatments before or after your session with our Practitioners for a deeper healing experience. We have something for every soul and every budget so we hope you will join us on this incredible life changing journey of healing and wellness. Please call Salt of the Earth Spa with any questions or to book your session.

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