Our wide range of therapies allow us to find the right combination of physical and psychological treatments specific to the individuals needs. We like to refer this as “Bodywork Integration.” We offer therapeutic massages customized specifically to your needs and we have the ability to combine a number of techniques into one session targeting specific areas of the body, ending with a harmonic balance between your Mind, Body & Spirit.

As an option, Bodywork treatments such as our Lava Shell massage may be held in our Lagoon Room with salt therapy,  a unique healing ambiance providing the added benefits of negative ions and salt therapy. Reflexology can also be done in our Lagoon Room with Salt Therapy

Infrared Therapy can be added to our Massages, Reflexology, Energy Healing, and Bodywork Integration. When infused with the healing properties of the infrared therapy, the session provides a wonderful combination to facilitate a more aggressive release of toxins and lymphatic congestion in the body while allowing a greater reduction in inflammation.

For a more “Intimate” Treatment, where couples can experience their massages in the same room, we can reserve your therapeutic massage in the Saltcave.  For our other rooms, Couples Massage/BioMat Infrared Combo or Couples Reflexology are two other options if you wish to share the experience with a close friend, or significant other in side by side rooms.


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