Tourmaline Spring Water

There are no boreholes or pumps used to bottle our water

Tourmaline Spring water bubbles up through gemstone-lined vaults in one the oldest mountain ranges in North America, making it some of the most pristine water on the planet. Its purity is scientifically measured and unmatched.

Virtually every other bottled water company uses boreholes or pumps to bottle their water. This means they are not actually selling spring water, but well water instead. Tourmaline water is gravity fed to the bottling facility, just 50 feet away from the natural spring itself! The only thing Tourmaline Spring Water touches before it’s bottled is stainless steel. Mother Nature herself does the filtering, to a degree and complexity that no man-made machine could possibly duplicate.

Naturally pure spring water, straight from the source.

Available at Salt of the Earth Healing Arts Sanctuary


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We are the Connecticut Distributor for Tourmaline Spring Water, click here to learn more about our water.