“Coming in from out of town and wish to spend the day? We have many fine local restaurants, antique gift shops and boutiques right on Main St, located minutes from both locations.

Our services may offer relief from:

Upper Respiratory conditions, congestion in head and lungsAnxiety and StressMigraines and headachesChronic PainEmotional distress, depression, fear or panicStomach pain, digestive disordersBack, neck, hip and shoulder pain Skin conditions, scars, rashes and more
We offer remote healing sessions for those who cannot physically be at our center, please call the spa for more information.

Healing Touch Therapy

Deep relaxation and peace of mind are the focus of healing touch therapies. You may feel a sense of warmth, coolness, or tingling sensations during your session, which is normal. The experience is different for everyone. Energy-based therapies, such as, Reiki, and healing touch affect everyone differently. It may take a day or two for these effects to subside. This is a normal part of the natural healing process. Our Masters offer different kinds of Energy Healing, from Brain/Body Therapies, Acupressure, Past Life Regression, Shamballa Reiki to Custom Healing and Light, communicating through Mediumship.  Call the spa for more information or to make your appointment.

Massage/Reflexology Face and Feet/InfraRed Therapy/111 Ascension Meditation

Our wide range of therapies allow us to find the right combination of physical and psychological treatments specific to the individuals needs. We like to refer this as “Bodywork Integration.” While we do offer our standard “Therapeutic” massage based on your personal choice of  touch, we have the ability to combine a number of techniques to your experience targeting specific areas of the body, ending with a harmonic balance between Mind, Body & Spirit.
Experience your treatments in our State of the Art Salt Rooms, using the most advanced Air Quality system in the industry. Other treatments such as our Lava Shell or Glacial Shell massage, Lymphatic Drainage, or Reflexology may be held in our Lagoon Room with salt therapy and “thousands” of negative ions. This combination will give you the best healing environment,  a unique ambiance providing all the added benefits of negative ions and salt therapy. We have been tested and certified to have “Therapeutic Grade Air” in our Spa

For a more “Intimate” Treatment, where couples can enjoy their massages in the same room, we can reserve your session in the Saltcave for a personalized Therapeutic Massage.

Couples Massage/BioMat Infrared Combo or Couples Reflexology are two other options if you wish to share the experience with a close friend, or significant other in side by side rooms. Or perhaps you can finish off your treatment with our 111 Ascension self guided Meditation in one of the Saltrooms, one hour and 11 minutes of pure bliss and peaceful ambiance to help you on your spiritual journey and empower the healing process.

Infrared Therapy can be added to our Massages, Reflexology, Energy Healing, and Bodywork Integration. When infused with the healing properties of the infrared therapy, the session provides a wonderful combination to facilitate a more aggressive release of toxins and lymphatic congestion in the body while allowing a greater reduction in inflammation.



Hydration is key when it comes to health. Take a moment to re-hydrate after your spa treatment or session. Our Crystallized Structured Water will help your body flush out toxins and impurities that build up naturally throughout the day. Your mind and body will thank you! Or purchase a bottle of Tourmaline Spring water to drink on the ride home.


One of our favorite local B&B Inns is located only minutes from Salt of the Earth Spa, the Evergreen Inn. Here is a link to their website, we highly recommend them for your stay here in town!



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Make an Appointment

Call (203) 586-1172

The spa requires a 24 hour cancellation notice. If you are a no show you will be charged 50% of the service fee. Salt of the Earth accepts Cash, Local Check, Mastercard, Visa, or Discover . Our therapists are paid separately and accept cash, check or Venmo Sue Martovich.

We feel truly blessed to be able to offer heavenly healing experiences at Salt of the Earth Sanctuary. The salt in the air, the high concentration of healthy ions and the abundance of minerals you will find throughout set the tone for deep healing and relaxation to occur. Our Certified Practitioners enhance our beneficial frequencies by offering their unique medicine in a completely customized session for each individual or group.

We take a Whole-istic approach where we address all parts of self: mind, body and spirit. Each customized session will touch upon each part of self in order to guide you back to a centered state of being. Our sessions will empower you to become your own facilitator, getting you back in the driver’s seat in making the right health care decisions for you. We will inspire you to remember your authentic self and give you the necessary tools to exist in “zero point” otherwise known as Heaven on Earth. The declaration of our intention is to radiate love, compassion and healing in the highest form through a heart forward, sovereign and empathic state of being. As we uphold these higher states of consciousness, always in alignment with Source, we invite you to partake on this eternal journey of self realization.


There are no refunds on purchases (including gift cards), store credits only with a proof of purchase. Gift cards are non-transferable.

Please note when booking appointments the spa requires a 24 hour cancellation notice. If you are a no show or do not cancel outside of the 24 hour window you will be charged 50% of the service fee. The spa accepts Mastercard, Discover or Visa. Our therapists accept cash, check or Venmo.