Past Life Therapy

Some of us have phobias we “can’t explain” or possibly “don’t understand.” Healing through past life regression aims to reveal and resolve those past life events so you may move on from them, without them holding you back in any way.

Past life regressions may offer insight, which will help you understand and resolve any unexplainable or irrational reactions.

If you suffer from health conditions such as anxiety or stress, you may consider past life regression therapy to help you overcome the symptoms. For example, someone who has struggled with weight all their life, might find out they starved to death in a previous life or spent much time without food.

Resolving the trauma from a past life can help you let go of things that were holding you back in life. Past life therapy is not the same thing as meeting with a psychic or having your fortune told. It is a gentle version of hypnotherapy that enables you to access memories of a previous incarnation on earth via your subconscious mind.

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