Our Mission


Our mission is to help our customers heal from the inside out, restoring balance through mind, body & spirit. Our services use natural methods and treatments that have proven effective for thousands of years. Salt of the Earth Spa offers a place of tranquility, a place to “dayscape” and renew. This sanctuary is charged with the energy of touch, light, negative ions and sound.  Our Spa presents a feast for the senses, from the taste of clean water, to the breath of negative ionized air, to the feel of our healing touch from seasoned therapists, to body movement classes, to the music of healing sound, to listening to the professional advice from our coaches and teachers. Salt of the Earth allows our therapists to execute their own individuality,  a more customized approach with the body’s own physical science.  A banquet of opportunities to heal and replenish the physical body and inner self is at your disposal.

Our staff and practitioners meet you where you are at this very moment

Salt of the Earth offers a list of heavenly healing treatments and therapies. The salt in the air, the higher concentration of healthy ions in our treatment rooms and the abundance of minerals that you will find throughout, aid and support any session with additional healing benefits. Our therapies restore balance through purified clean air, touch, heat and energy. Our certified and experienced practitioners personalize each session and treatment to accommodate individual needs and preferences.

Our Practitioners

We truly feel blessed to be able to offer heavenly healing experiences. The salt in the air, the higher hertz therapeutic frequencies that broadcast into the spa and the abundance of minerals that you will find throughout, set the tone for deep, restorative healing and relaxation to occur. Our EMT sessions enhance those frequencies by offering their unique medicines in a completely customized treatment for each individual or group.

We are shifting our private sessions to encompass a whole-istic approach where we address all parts of self: mind, body and soul. Each one of your sessions will touch upon each part of self in order to guide you back to a centered state of being. These treatments will empower you to become your own healer. We will inspire you to remember your authentic self and give you the tools necessary to exist in zero point, otherwise known as Heaven on Earth. The declaration of our intention is to radiate love, compassion and healing in the highest form through a heart forward, sovereign and empathic state of being. As we uphold these higher states of consciousness, always in alignment with Source, we invite you to join us on this eternal journey of self realization.

We have an abundance of other services to choose from outside of our EMT sessions including some amazing new healing devices. Some options available are HImalayan Harmonics Session, Energy Booster Session. Spiritual Salad Bar (group) High Frequency Healing (group), Just Breathe Pampering Sessions, Eden Energy Medicine, Theta Healing, Metaphysical Anatomy, Trauma Release Methods, and Pranic Healing.

Check out our sefl care services such as Red Light/NIR Therapy, Crystal Light Therapy, Saltbed and Healy Sessions. We have something for every soul and every budget so we hope you will join us on this incredible life changing journey of healing and wellness. Please call Salt of the Earth Spa with any questions or to book your next healing experience.