Our Mission


Our mission is to help our customers heal from the inside out, restoring balance through mind, body & spirit. Our services use natural methods and treatments that have proven effective for thousands of years. Salt of the Earth Spa offers a place of tranquility, a place to “dayscape” and renew. This sanctuary is charged with the energy of touch, light, negative ions and sound.  Our Spa presents a feast for the senses, from the taste of clean water, to the breath of negative ionized air, to the feel of our healing touch from seasoned therapists, to body movement classes, to the music of healing sound, to listening to the professional advice from our coaches and teachers. Salt of the Earth allows our therapists to execute their own individuality,  a more customized approach with the body’s own physical science.  A banquet of opportunities to heal and replenish the physical body and inner self is at your disposal.

Our Practitioners

Jo Jo Keane Energy Healer, Intuitive Mind/Body/Spirit Coach, Brain & Body Light worker. JourneyDance facilitator and teacher,certified in all three modules. Seasoned Yoga Teacher specializing in Vinyasa, Iyangar and Restorative. Completed courses with Cate Stillman for Ayurveda Body Thrive & Yoga Business Coaching. Completed Reiki l, ll, lll and Master Certifications.

JoJo practices hands on healing using Shamanic, Indigenous Cultural programs, studied for 10 years under renowned Shaman Ray Crist.  Certifications in brain body therapies for Adults and Children, including hypnosis and acupressure. Her skills derive from techniques developed by PhD David Grand for Brainspotting-Hypnosis. Graduated under Dr Jacquelyn Kos DC for Hands On Energy Healing.  Her services have been offered at many wellness locations throughout the East Coast. She volunteers for the  Resiliency Center, Reach Foundation and Families United in Newtown, CT.

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Gregg Kirk has been practicing Reiki, Human Tuning, Past-life Regression, and remote energy healing for almost two decades.

He suffered from Lyme disease for more than 15 years. After moving to Connecticut in 1999, he began noticing strange symptoms and spent more than two years seeking a diagnosis. Finally, in 2005 diagnosed with Lyme disease, Kirk spent the next several years trying a combination of Western medicine and long-term antibiotics to little avail. In March of 2011, he visited John of God’s Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola in Abadiania, Brazil where he experienced a major reduction of his symptoms and a spiritual awakening that inspired him to help others with chronic illness.

In December of 2016 Kirk was trained by Dr. Lee Cowden, MD in treatment guidance of the Cowden Protocol, a very successful all-herbal treatment program for Lyme disease patients. Since the training, Kirk has been helping Lyme patients all across the country with the protocol as well as herbal supplements and detox treatments he utilized in his own healing journey.

In 2012, Kirk created the Ticked Off Music Fest to become the only ongoing music series solely focused on Lyme disease education, awareness and fundraising. Its focus is to go to areas where the rate of infection is high but awareness is low.

In 2015, Kirk also founded the Ticked Off Foundation, a Lyme support organization whose mission is to provide financial assistance and support to Lyme disease patients over the age of 26 who are in crisis. The organization does this through grants and counseling in an effort to stem the tide of Lyme-related suicides.

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Lori Massey, CRT Back in the year 2000, Lori was looking for an area of work that would enable her to help others in a meaningful way. Although this could have taken place through many different avenues, she was drawn to the healing modalities of Reflexology, Energy Therapy and Therapeutic Touch.

Her journey began with  a two year program of Transformational Energy Healing from Northwestern CT State College Holistic Program.

She completed her certification of Foot Reflexology in the Universal Method of South Africa under the direction of Dr. Christine Thorn, DC, CRT at the CT Center for Universal Reflexology. She continued her education with Father Josef Euster of Taiwan in his therapeutic method of Rwo Shur Chinese Foot Reflexology, along with Reflexology that included Face, Hand and Ear by renowned Reflexologist, Laura Norman.   She is nationally certified by the American Reflexology Certification Board, meeting the highest level of certification in this field. Currently Lori is studying the Burnham System of Facial Rejuvenation. Her services include Eco- Paraffin treatments (hand or foot) using natural plant based emollients with pure essential oils.

Lori is now a 17 year veteran in the field of Reflexology and Energy Therapies.

It is with a strong sense of passion for these modalities that she works to promote better health and well being for individuals. Lori invites you to experience the health benefits of these relaxing, non- invasive therapies. She would love the opportunity to meet you soon!

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In Gratitude,Lori

Gayle is a graduate of The Connecticut Center For Massage Therapy, a Member of the Steiner Education Group. Trained with a foundation in Swedish Massage, which provides for great relaxation, Gayle can also provide deep tissue massage, myofacial release, prenatal massage, hot stone massage, sports massage and fundamental energetic foundation.

Gayle is Nationally Certified through NCBTMB, licensed in the State of Connecticut, and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Gayle is continually learning new modalities and well-being comforts…

Agatha Lassauze

Agatha has been a Shamballa Reiki Master since 2011 and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. “I work using my intuition and my knowledge of 60 points of acupressure to assist clients clear their chakras as well as release themselves from obstructions within their bodies. As a result, the client can eventually feel liberated from the obstructions they have endured through their lives.” This science is also an excellent way of working with clients who have difficulty with the science of “touch”.

In 2017 Agatha graduated from Ct Center for Massage Therapy, certified and licensed in massage treatments. She uses the means of manual science to assist clients to eventually liberate themselves from muscular blockages they hold within their bodies. Ultimately, these congestions can release, giving the muscles the possibility to facilitate one’s range of motion.

Agatha has also been trained in Lava and Glacial Shell massage applications.

Kelly Nicholson Sound Healer

Kelly is a healer in every sense of the word, holding sacred space for everyone she meets. She has dedicated her life to be a mirror, reflecting to those in her presence the Light that lies within us all. She is a soul coach, intuitive artist and sound healer, weaving the colorful threads of Light, as WE ALL ARE. Her desire is to activate your inner alchemist and empower you to live a life filled with presence and love

Sound & Salt

In the Saltcave at Salt of the Earth, this sacred space invites you to take a journey inward and sit with the peace that is your real self. Ride on the waves of sound and swim in the freedom created by the frequencies of your truth.

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