Linda’s Violet Flame Meditation


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Linda Czaplinski is a Spiritual Alchemist. Using the Science of the Spoken Word, she creates positive change for the Earth body and all who inhabit it. She is ordained in a non-sectarian spiritual order. The metaphysical teachings of the Ascended Masters serve as the foundation for her programs.
Does your meditation practice yield multiple tangible results?

In addition to relaxing and de-stressing does it foster a physical connection to your Higher Self?
Does it make your mind sharper and your thoughts crisp?
Does it help to balance your emotions and make your body feel stronger?

Are you seeking a deeper experience?

Bring the Violet Flame into the equation.
Violet has the highest frequency of all colors in the spectrum; it is a cosmic eraser. The Violet Flame literally removes negativity and imperfection when called into action.

We are part of a universal energy field and take on not only the positive and negative qualities of our own creation but also that of those around us, including accumulated planetary energy. If these energies become unbalanced, with a greater negative accumulation, we become sluggish, unhappy and often feel burdened or emotional. When kept in check we are vibrant, healthy and harmonious and are able to magnetize more of the same into our lives.

We are made of segments called the Lower Bodies, each a sheath with a distinct frequency.
• The Etheric body contains the memory of all that has ever occurred in the soul and all impulses it has ever sent out.
• The Mental body holds cognitive faculties; when purified, it can become the vessel of the Higher Self through strengthened attunement
• The Desire body records emotions
• The Physical body is our flesh and blood container

Through a guided meditation using visualization, spoken word and music, we will move through each segment to erase negative records. By doing so we create space for high quality energy to move into our lives. When we improve our personal world, there is a ripple affect that improves the world at large.

Come to the Salt of the Earth Spa and enjoy the dual benefits of the Cave and this purging, transmuting fire.

Location: Salt of the Earth Spa, 787 Main St S Woodbury, CT
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Time: 6:15PM – 7:15PM (please arrive a few minutes early to check in)
Enjoy this combined program for $40.00 Cash or check only
Space is limited, to register call Linda Czaplinski at 203-518-2763

Experience the positive Alchemy of the Violet Flame!