Salt of the Earth Therapeutic Spa, LLC Class List

Breathe in the benefits of the salt air as you lie back on zero gravity. Feel the energy ground you, Mother Earth embraces you in a cocoon of crystal vibration. Expand the lungs, clean out the toxins. Open your heart and connect to your soul.

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111 Ascension.Salt of the Earth
is your destination for meditation, the “Universal Consciousness” awaits you…

Salt of the Earth will now offer in their most sacred space of purity, a new self guided meditation session called the 111 Ascension, one hour and 11 minutes of pure bliss and peaceful ambiance to help you on your spiritual journey. Commencing the session will be our perfectly pitched gong, easing into a beautiful selection of Background music frequency tuned to 963, 852 and 639 hz. Our salt cave has thousands of negative ions that create a space of therapeutic grade, no particulates to stand in the way of your ascension.

Fee: $40.00 per session or purchase 3 sessions for $90.00

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