Salt of the Earth Therapeutic Spa, LLC Class List


Breathe in the benefits of the salt air as you lie back on zero gravity. Feel the energy ground you, Mother Earth embraces you in a cocoon of crystal vibration. Expand the lungs, clean out the toxins. Open your heart and connect to your soul.

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 The old saying ‘ New Year, New You” doesn’t work unless you mean it and take action. Bring the action to Salt of the Earth’s Saltcave Yoga, Wednesday or Saturday mornings at 8:30 AM. Clear and connect! This is a more intimate yoga class with limited seating. Open and cleanse your airways, inhale the negative ions, exhale to release. As you continue to expand the breath, you will feel the shift in your body allowing for a deeper stretch, molding the bottom of your feet to the granules of the Himalayan salt. Good Vibrations!

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