Are you ready to start living a better life? We invite you to begin the most important journey you will ever take: the journey to realign with your higher self. Salt of the Earth’s new ​C.E.P. Plan (Consciousness Evolutionary Program) ​offers everything you need to unlock limitless inner strength, wisdom and wellbeing.

How It Works

As our bodies and minds become overloaded with stress, negative energy and other unfavorable influences, our quality of life suffers. Salt of the Earth can help eliminate these root causes of distress and promote relaxation, personal growth and healing, empowering you to start living the life you were meant to live.

CEP ​is a step-by-step wellness program to bring you back into alignment with your True Self. CEP​ helps clear away the mental and spiritual cobwebs that tangle you up with illness and self-limiting beliefs. This program, supported by ancient wisdom and modern technology, will fill you with the clarity and vitality you need for a happier, healthier life.

Our ​CEP ​practitioners will meet you wherever you are in life, providing compassionate, intuitive care for a happier, healthier you. Each step of the process is personally tailored to your needs and driven by your goals. Choose ​CEP​ services ala carte or purchase a full package for a complete rejuvenation of your mind, body and soul.

Salt of the Earth’s practitioners will guide you to peak wellness with a variety of core services like:

Bodywork Treatments such as Deep Body Balancing, Decompression Session, Acupressure, Deep Release,Lymphatic Drainage, Eden Energy Medicine and Healy Sessions

Emotional Therapy with Theta, Trauma Release, Metaphysical Anatomy and Past Life Regression

​Spiritual Healing with Crystal Clear, Custom Healing and Light and 111 Ascension, a self guided one hour and 11 minute spiritual journey in our high vibrational Saltcave.

By activating your parasympathetic nervous system, these services empower you with faster healing, improved clarity and increased relaxation in your day-to-day life.

Breathe Deeply in a Special Environment

Just one deep breath can decrease stress, relieve pain and lower your blood pressure. Now, imagine filling your lungs with thousands of negative ions to detoxify your body, clear your mind
and improve your mood. Our salt generators emit tiny particles of fine pharmaceutical grade salt into the Cave and Lagoon Rooms, providing a perfect breathing climate for the respiratory system.​ Our ​therapeutic-grade air, highly concentrated with negative ions, promotes healing and boosts the immune system to fast-track your journey to good health.

Salt of the Earth’s rooms are special, sacred places to escape the stresses of life and come home to heal.

Enjoy Come-unity Support

Salt of the Earth provides the tools and guidance needed to access your limitless inner strength, wisdom and higher consciousness. But you’ll also reap the benefits of our extended community—or as we call it, “Come-unity”—kind, like-minded people to support you through your wellness journey

Another Come-unity benefit we offer enables you to participate in remote sessions with practitioners who can “broadcast” a healing session directly to your body as you lie comfortably in our sacred healing Salt Room.

Plus, Healy owners can come together for a joint session in the Cave or Lagoon Room, each using their own Healy in a shared space.

Care for Caregivers, Healing for the Wounded—Just Breathe at Salt of the Earth

Our ionized salt rooms are perfect for anyone, but are especially useful for caregivers of all kinds: nurses, front line workers, teachers, alternative health care practitioners, those caring for a sick family member and more. It also provides welcome healing to those suffering from PTSD, childhood trauma and other serious hardships.

High concentrations of negative ions in a controlled environment help oxygenate your bloodstream, calm your central nervous system and initiate the firing of “good” neurotransmitters in the brain. This is why we call it “Happy Air!” The ideal way to get a treatment is when the mind, body and spirit are synchronized in total relaxation. We provide that environment.

Start Your “Life Mapping” Journey Today with CEP

If you’ve been thinking about embarking on this journey for a while, you’ll know when it’s the right time to get started. Salt of the Earth is here to help whenever you’re ready to reach your full potential.

Book your ​CEP Program ​now or call us at (203) 586-1172 to get started.