The Only System that replicates four types of “Natural” energies, meet the BioCharger!

One of the most advanced subtle energy devices on the market, with thousands of programs to choose from, this unit addresses health concerns at the cellular level, improves focus and sleep and accelerates recovery times.

The BioCharger is a non-invasive multi-tasker that can address many symptoms.

At Salt of the Earth groups of four participants can sit comfortably around this amazing device for a healthy dose of subtle energies in a matter of minutes. The BioCharger is the ultimate Recharging station for mind, body, and soul! Call today to schedule an appointment. Your cells will thank you!

Get Grounded 20 minutes

If you’re feeling light-headed, not aligned with your body, a bit anxious or have sore feet, you most likely could use some grounding. Grounding is very useful if you work at a computer for long hours, talk on a cell phone or are in proximity of electronic equipment. Keeping yourself grounded supports your healing process.

Himalayan Sound Couples Cave

Deeply healing 100 minute session includes 80 minutes of hands on healing and 20 minutes of sound healing, energy clearing and balancing with high vibrational frequencies for self healing, reconnection and inner peace.

Himalayan Harmonics

Crystal Sound Cave Session with Lissa

Submerge yourself in a 45 minute Sound Salt Bath with the healing sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls in our Salt Cave. The vibrational tones stimulate the restoration of balance within us by allowing the physical body to release tension, to restore harmony to the rhythmic patterns of our organs and cells and to reconnect us with our vital life force.

Theta Healing is a spiritual healing technique that allows you to release and change limiting beliefs and emotions you hold within your body and mind. Theta Healing is a process of meditation using divine energy, that helps create physical, psychological, and spiritual healing using the Theta brain wave.

Tracy is able to help clients shift belief patterns and untangle emotions that tend to be the root cause of chronic pain, illness and many diseases. When you release old thought patterns and the emotions attached to them, you effectively process conditions that no longer serve you. This shift releases blocked energy in the body and mind, something that can be felt immediately, allowing you to heal quickly. Tracy uses these methods to help clients with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, emotional issues of all kinds, as well as recovering from physical injury and mysterious illness.

Healy Sessions
Holistic Healthy
Living With Healy
Healy World is developing innovative new systems and concepts for health and wellbeing. Our common vision is that all people are able to live holistically healthy lives. To this end we focus on frequencies, exercise and nutrition.
Healy World: A unique modular system for health, fitness and vitality. A universal idea and a multi-tiered integrated concept!
More than 700,000 applications on clients and patients with foundational Healy technology and know-how.
More than 2,500 practitioners, health consultants and other professionals are using foundational Healy technology.
Information Field technology has been successfully used in more than 45 countries.


The Three Pillars of Health:
Nutrition – Frequencies – Exercise
Nutrition for Life
Digital Nutrition Application
Frequencies for Life
Motion for Life
Healy Watch

Emotional Balancer 20 minutes

Feeling out of sorts, overwhelmed or more stressed than usual? Come back to center, calm down and settle in with a 20-minute “Emotional Balancer.” It’s the perfect add on to a Crystal light Bed or Infra-Red-Light treatment.

This gentle touch treatment focuses on specific points along the head that will help you re-center emotionally, feel supported and balanced.

Trauma Release

What is trauma? Trauma can be from physical injury such as an accident, or from mental, physical or sexual abuse. The energy of trauma gets stored in the body physically – in the brain, muscles and tissues as well as in the energy field the surrounds the body.

The techniques Tracy uses will help those who have either conscious, repressed trauma or PTSD, to release memories and feelings to the surface and clear them completely. Tracy assists clients safely and confidently release old traumas and the emotions attached to psychological, sexual and/or physical abuse. She provides a safe, supportive and confidential space for clients to process memories without reliving the trauma.

Results of a trauma release session has the ability to bring new found happiness and success to your life.