Salt of the Earth generates a myriad of services for mind, body and spirit. Breathe in Therapeutic Salted Air! Here are many of the natural healing benefits our services provide.

Salt Rooms


The human body primarily consists primarily of two elements: water and salt. Himalayan salt is contains 84 trace minerals essential to your health. Our bodies maintain a delicate balance of salt and mineral concentrations that are essential for vital functions. Higher concentrations of salt within the surrounding environment can shift this balance to decrease inflammation, enhance immunity, and reduce air-borne pollutants, among many other benefits. 

Our salt comes from one of the oldest, mineral rich mines in the world: Khewra Mine. Salt of the Earth works with a well-established USA importer of Himalayan Salt. They take great care to select only the highest quality salt for superior therapeutic properties.

Halotherapy comes from “halo,” the Greek word for salt. Halotherapy uses salt vapor within a controlled environment to simulate natural salt cave conditions. Temperature and humidity are important factors in achieving a therapeutic environment. Mineral-rich salt offer numerous benefits that speed the body’s natural healing process and support overall health.

With our newest equipment we can now offer the richest flow of  5,000 to 12,000 particles of negative ions in each of our salt rooms! Our environment is clean and pure using Himalayan Salt and high tech science to provide a space where you can truly Breathe Clear!

 It was researched that the average human consumption of food is 1%, water is 1% and air.. a whopping 98%! What’s in your lungs? We clean out our closets, our basements, our attics, our desks, cars, we air out our dirty laundry..and where does that air go that we stir up? We go outside and breathe in the air that is full of positive ions, environments we are limited to control! Maybe it’s time for a tune-up!

Increase the oxygen flow to the brain and lungs by breathing in our therapeutic grade air. Get Energized!

Increase your Serotonin levels, manage fatigue, depression and lethargy without the side effects of harmful drugs!

Other Benefits may include a reduction in sinus congestion and respiratory inflammation
Using Salt therapy may accelerate muscle recovery from sports-related activities
Relieve your symptoms associated with eczema, psoriasis, and acne, negative ions are easily absorbed through the skin!
 Enhance your sleep quality and overall sense of well-being, reduce your stress while you rest! 

Better Breathing

Yoga teaches people to take slower, deeper breaths. This encourages the body’s natural relaxation response and healthy lung function. 

Improved Circulation

Yoga helps improve circulation and has proven to help lower blood pressure.

Stress Relief and Yoga In Our New “Therapeutic” Saltcave

Yoga reduces effects of stress on the body. This can lower heart rate and blood pressure, aid digestion and boost the immune system. It can also ease symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, fatigue, asthma and insomnia. Salt therapy promotes stress reduction through the production of negative ions to boost the immune system and reduce chronic stress and fatigue. With high levels of negative ions the benefits are far reaching. Ionized air moves through the lungs and throughout the body. Yoga in our Salt Cave provides energized breathing therapy, breathe clear while you stretch!

Flexibility, Strength and Pain Relief

Yoga helps to improve flexibility and mobility, increasing range of movement and reducing aches and pains. Many people can’t touch their toes during their first yoga class. Gradually they begin to use the correct muscles. Over time, the ligaments, tendons and muscles lengthen, increasing elasticity, making more poses possible. Yoga also helps to improve body alignment resulting in better posture and helping to relieve back, neck, joint and muscle problems. Yoga  (postures) use every muscle in the body, helping to increase strength literally from head to toe. And, while these postures strengthen the body, they also provide an additional benefit of helping to relieve muscular tension. 

Weight Management

Yoga (even less vigorous styles) can aid weight control efforts by reducing the cortisol levels as well as by burning excess calories and reducing stress. Yoga also encourages healthy eating habits and provides a heightened sense of well-being and self-esteem.

Find Inner Peace with Meditation or Yoga in our Saltcave

The meditative aspects of yoga or just a simple meditation class can help many to reach a deeper, more spiritual and more satisfying place in their lives. Many who begin to practice for other reasons have reported this to be a key reason that yoga and/or meditation has become an essential part of their daily lives. The Salt Cave naturally produces negative ions, which produces the “clarity effect” that people love from Salt therapy treatments. Negative ions have been shown to reduce stress, headaches, lethargy, and depression. Take in the tranquility and zen at Salt of the Earth. Getting grounded when you are an adult is actually a good thing!

Massage Rooms

Today massage therapy plays a significant role in complementary and alternative medicine. In addition to our regular massage therapies, Salt of the Earth offers massages services integrated with Nature’s crystals, unrefined salt, amethyst and tourmaline. By combining the frequency vibrations of the crystals with massage therapy, you get a true sense relaxation, empowering the healing to a deeper level of consciousness.

Massage Therapy Relieves

Alleviate low back pain and improve range of motion
Enhance immunity by stimulating lymphatic flow
Align the body’s natural defense system
Help athletes of any level to prepare or recover from any strenuous workouts
Improve the conditions of the body’s largest organ, the skin
Promote tissue, regeneration, reduce scar tissue and stretch marks
Exercise and stretch weak or tight or atrophied muscles
Reduce post-surgery adhesions and swelling
Pump oxygen and nutrients into the tissues and vital organs, improving circulation
Relax and soften injured or tired muscles
Release endorphins/ amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkiller
Increase joint flexibility
Ease medication dependence
Reduce spasms and cramping
Lessen depression and anxiety
Relieve migraine pain

Reiki and Healing Touch are two energy based therapies based on techniques and principles that have been used for thousands of years. They are methods of stress reduction that also promote healing. Since the late 1990’s, they have been used in medical and health care centers worldwide to support healing and wellness.

The goal of energy therapies, like Healing Touch and Reiki is to restore, revitalize, harmonize and balance our human energy system and our physical body.

When we are stressed, overworked, tired or in pain our energy system becomes blocked and we often become sick. Symptoms of disease are telling us there is an energy deficit.

Reiki and Healing Touch help to create an optimal environment so that the body’s innate tendency for healing and balance can occur. In addition to our massage/treatment rooms, Salt of the Earth can provide a session for treatment in one of our salt rooms. This enables a deeper healing process enriched with the earth’s own vibrational frequency.

Benefits of Reiki and Healing Touch

Relieves or decreases physical pain
Rebalances the energy deficit
Reduces and releases feelings of anxiety, stress and depression
Strengthens the immune system
Decreases negative effects of trauma, chronic pain and post-traumatic stress
Enhances feelings of being cared for and nurtured
Supports and accelerates healing after surgery and medical procedures
Reduces nausea, fatigue and discomforts from chemo and radiation therapies
Decreases need for pain medication
Helps withdrawal from smoking and substance abuse
Promotes and strengthens integration of mind, body, emotion and spirit

The BioMat warms your body and keeps it warm for over a long period. The amethyst far infrared rays produced from the BioMat will change your physical properties so that your body can raise the body temperature on its own. This facilitates blood circulation and activates more than 3000 essential enzymes so harmful materials in the body will be discharged naturally. The amethyst far infrared rays will help to purify the blood, changing coagulated blood cells to healthy blood, effective at carrying oxygen thus safely regulating blood circulation.

All diseases are a result of reduced body temperature. Cancer cells thrive in low body temperature environments. A Harvard Medical study discovered that cancer cells are vulnerable to heat and will be destroyed at temperatures over 107.6 degrees. This rise in body temperature will weaken the activity of cancer cells.

As you absorb the amethyst far infrared rays, your body is encouraged to secrete heat shock protein or HSP. HSP protects cells from heat and plays an important role in producing endorphins and enhancing your immune system.

Clinical trials by George Grant, a Canadian M.D. described an experiment with 12 patients using the BioMat for one hour per day focusing on whether it can reduce stress. Results showed patients reduced hormone stress levels by 78%.

Layered within the BioMat, Amethyst crystals team up with the gemstone Tourmaline to provide powerful negative-ion generating capabilities. Negative ions are absorbed into your body through your skin and in the air you breathe. They will facilitate cellular metabolism, enhance your vitality, reduce pain and distribute various nutrients and energy throughout your body.

Heals Soft Tissue
For brand new injuries, ice is the best treatment. However, for existing injuries, and chronic inflammation, heat is the best treatment. The Bio Mat is uniquely effective because it penetrates deeply and evenly to deliver heat right at the injury site, rather than on the skin.

Relieves Pain
The brain can only accept so many signals at the same time. So, if we activate enough heat receptors in our body, their signals to the brain begin to crowd out the pain signals. This is known as the “gate” effect, because not everything can make it through the brain’s gate at the same time.

Improves Circulation
Using the Bio Mat expands and relaxes the capillaries, because they attempt to shed excess heat through the skin. This lowers blood pressure, and makes more nutrients and oxygen available to cells.

Improves Skin
Sweating purges clogged pores of deeply embedded impurities and dead skin cells leaving you with glowing skin. An increase in blood circulation encourages a healthy flow of nutrients to your skin and helps relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis, and burns. Rinsing off after using the mat will enhance this benefit.

Increases Metabolism
At the medium and high settings, the Bio Mat can begin to produce higher body temperatures, better circulation, and more oxygen-rich blood. This all translates into a faster pace of cellular activity which speeds up tissue repair, immune response, and detoxification.

Boosts Immune System
Fevers put our immune system into overdrive, but they can also be scary if left unchecked. Since the Bio Mat can elevate our body temperature by a few degrees, in a more controlled way, we can give our immune system a boost whenever we need it most.

Fights Infection
Many pathogens (conveniently for them) thrive at normal body temperatures. They are adapted to thrive in the conditions of their host. But by changing this preferred environment, we can slow them down while at the same time ramping up our own immune system, and turn the tide of infection more quickly.

Towards the higher settings, the Bio Mat can produce a considerable amount of heat, and has sauna-like effects. Placing a blanket over top of you can further enhance these effects. But drink water and be careful not to overdo it. The body will work hard to shed heat, and in doing so, it will shed a lot of built-up toxins too. You can rinse off afterwards to fully rid yourself of them.

Far Infrared therapy are waves of energy capable of deep penetration into the human body where they gently elevate the body’s surface temperature (107.6) and above. Scientific evidence has found that deep heat can enhance the effects of healing therapies, promote circulation of the blood and activate essential enzymes.

Far Infrared Heat Therapy Relieves

Breathing Problems
Asthma, Sinus, Colds, Flu, Bronchitis
Circulation problems
Rheumatism, Arthritis, Chilblains, Gout
Swelling, Inflammation
Arthritis, Tendonitis, Mastitis, Hemorrhoids
Back, Shoulder, Neck and Muscular Pains
Abnormal Nerve Functions
Blood Pressure
Skin Problems
Elasticity, Texture, Chapping, Aging, Wrinkles, Acne
Damaged, Burnt and Scarred Tissue
Toxin Removal
Heavy Metals
Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Cystitis, Uric Acid
Menstrual Problems, Menopause, PMS, Yeast problems
Fungus, Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites
Sports Injuries

Benefits of Amethyst Crystals Added to Far Infrared Therapy

Cell Growth Promotion
Sleeping Aid
Blood Circulation Enhancement
Better Circulation of Body Fluids
Improves Mood, People feel Happier
Increased Anti- Oxidant Activity
Healing Power for Wounds
Fights Bacteria

The Amethyst Crystals produces its own vibration energy, which, combined with far-infrared rays, generates intense frictional heat. This stimulates the cells to move and emits the negative ions that have the power to draw out toxic particles from your body.