Inside the cave

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Our salt cave has been sculpted and carpeted with nature’s oldest salt, Himalayan Crystal.  We provide a space without artificial sprays or bonding agents, giving you the purest environment comprised of much needed negative ions.  Regulated air flow, humidity and temperature combined with today’s technology,  creates an allergen and pollutant free zone, simulating the environment of a salt mine, allowing for a total immersion of natural respiratory therapy.  The  gong in our saltcave is perfectly pitched, blending it’s vibrational sound waves with the energetic frequencies of the salt crystals. These vibrations can help to clear blockages or stuck energy within the body.

Having a Yoga session in the cave is like installing a turbo charger to a car engine. It just runs better, with more power. The lungs get an added boost and the skin gets a dose of hydration and cleansing.

Meditation…enter the cave, have a seat and “inhale” the ionized air into your energy field. Stretch out on your chair, curl up with a blanket, and allow the cave to embrace you,  feeling a sense of weightlessness. Or lie down on a yoga mat, noting the slight uneven carpet of salt beneath your body.  As you bring  light up through your center, you let go of all the outside clutter, shifting your attention inward . Opening to the light above begins the journey of healing and restoring mind and spirit.