Celebrate Change of Seasons with Yoga and Salt Therapy

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Life is a continuous cycle of taking in and letting go, the passing of time is fast paced, preventing us from believing we have time. We take care of everyone…except ourselves. Our bodies patiently wait, hoping for a moment for you to check in and say, “what do you need?” Seasons come and go, winter is now upon us. Our bodies are depleted from another year long demanding schedule of non-stop obligations and work commitments. Holiday tasks begin and we get caught up in the push for additional strength to plan, create and solve while taxing our physical capabilities beyond one’s limitations.

Salt of the Earth Spa

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” (Hippocrates)

The organs Lung and Large Intestines.

The affirmation:

I have faith, I am letting go, I have enough, I do not need more.


The lung and large intestine are companion organs, representing the element of metal


The element of metal.

The psychological qualities of balance:

compassion, good survival instinct, instinct of intuition.


The psychological qualities of imbalance;

sorrow, resentment, worry, coughing, anguish, pessimism, nostalgia, stubbornness, holding on.

Celebrate Yoga in the cave: Saturday Mornings to help you and your body become renewed through breath with Yoga and Salt Therapy, taking “me time” to replenish, restore and balance.

 Yoga and halo-therapy provides an effective healing, therapeutic environment to honor, celebrate and explore the wisdom of your body and the freedom of movement, breath and song to stimulate your energetic frequencies. Find the center of your being, create a connection to higher self.