Liquid Chocolate New Café Offering at Salt of the Earth

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WOODBURY — A new café called Liquid Chocolate has opened to enhance the experience at Salt of the Earth Healing Arts Sanctuary, 346 Main St. South.

The sanctuary and the Salt of the Earth Spa, 787 Main St. South, offer a range of holistic therapies meant to promote balance.

Owner Sue Martovich told Voices, “Whatever the healing need, we’re helping almost anyone who desires to feel better.”

The idea for the new café came to Ms. Martovich after a trip to New Mexico, where someone recommended a small place that served a special elixir.

She said, “I was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance of the place and the product. I told myself, I have to put this in the sanctuary because it can be a wonderful way to end a treatment or maybe just bring someone in so they can learn more about what we offer.”

She explained that the drink is unique because it differs from what most have come to know as hot chocolate.

“This is more like tea than a thick drink. It’s raw, unprocessed cocoa and special ingredients that leave you feeling euphoric for the rest of the day. When Kerry makes the drink, he does it with love so he’s a healer in essence.”

Kerry Lucier is the chocolatier who has personally sourced the cacao used in the liquid chocolate; he not only visited the location, but the very tree that produced the beans.

The liquid chocolate, made without sugar or dairy, is flavored with pure, high quality ingredients such as monk fruit or honey as a sweetener.

Ms. Martovich pointed out, “It has minerals and vitamins that are good for your body. You can get energy without the jitters because there is no caffeine. People who have tried it before bed tell me they never slept as well.”

Mr. Lucier said, “It’s important to have something good to drink. Cacao is one of the most influential super foods in the world. We can provide people with a fabulous drink that you can actually consume as part of a weight loss program.”

Noting that the new café echoes the way in which the salt treatments offer benefits, Ms. Martovich explained, “There is a magnetic quality to cacao and allows negative ions to be
released. Ceremonies performed with cacao are sacred and our bodies know it’s meant to be enjoyed.”

Mr. Lucier also makes chocolates that are meant to be savored.

“You can be in the highest vibration when you eat these chocolates because of the ingredients he’s using.” Ms. Martovich said she is amazed by the confection and notes that it is very satisfying.

He places a priority on how food affects the body, teaching at the Raw Food Institute in Simsbury. “Raw chocolate is one of the most nutrient dense foods. I feel the cacao guides me to use the ingredients that I do so that what I make is good for you. There is a difference in what I’m doing versus making candy.”

Also at the sanctuary, spiritual healer, medium and author Jeanne Street offers programs that she feels complement the therapies that Ms. Martovich has created.

Ms. Street said, “Before I came to this site, Sue and I only knew each other by reputation. As we got to know each other, we discovered that we support each other on many levels. It’s been a beautiful bonus.”

Her former radio show, “Angels Don’t Lie,” is now available as a live streaming event on Facebook created at the sanctuary and Ms. Street likes the idea of her audience enjoying liquid chocolate after the program ends.

Salt of the Earth offers a range of treatments including salt therapy, healing touch, crystal light therapy, Ampcoil, infrared sauna, massage, bodywork, sound healing, meditation programs, and reflexology.

“The Ampcoil works off energy and biofeedback to pinpoint issues and make improvements. In a way, it reminds every part of the body what it is supposed to do through vibrations and makes it easier for the body to heal,” Ms. Martovich said.

“We help people with chronic conditions such as auto immune issues or Lyme disease.” Ms. Martovich noted that a monthly support group is available with speakers who share their stories. “We’re seeing positive results.”

She added, “You may have to live with a condition but you can also have peace and joy in your life.”

Ms. Martovich is excited about the new café. “I’d like this to become an opportunity for others and hope they talk to me about setting up their own Liquid Chocolate cafés. Perhaps there are non-profits who will want to work with us to create a unique fundraiser,” she said.

Of course, she’s just as excited about the idea that started it all and where it’s going. “As we listen to our customers, this place Liquid Chocolate New Café Offering at Salt of the Earth has become what it is and I’m very happy with the results. The salt rooms here are not just to repair the body but also the mind where you can heal through the benefits of negative ions. We have phenomenal practitioners here at the sanctuary.”

The sanctuary and café are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Appointments may be made by calling 203-586-1172.

More information is available at, and Facebook.

Meetings Available

OXFORD — A Women’s AA Group meets from 7 to 8 p.m. Thursdays at Immanuel Lutheran Church, 25 Great Hill Rd.

Those needing transportation or seeking additional information may call Pat at 203 768-3594.