Mind, body, and soul moves in a salty indoor setting

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WOODBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Welcome to salt cave yoga – yoga moves in a salty setting.

“In a salt cave, it’s very much like you’re at the beach. You have the air like you’re at the beach- the salty air,” says fitness guru Ellen Barrett.

She’s guiding the class, “inhale-stretch the arms up,” she says, at the Salt of the Earth Therapeutic Spa in Woodbury.

Barrett explains, “It’s a yoga class that’s heightened with this wellness energy. It’s not just about being fit, it’s about really being well.”

The chamber is packed with Himalayan Salt, known for it’s holistic healing powers.

“Salt therapy,” Barrett says, “is so valuable for the skin, so valuable for your lungs, it’s great for stress.”

Co-owner Sue Martovich created a climate controlled environment.

“The generator,” says Martovich, “has pharmaceutical grade salt in it. It gets milled. It’s a very, very fine particle and it can go into the upper and lower part of your lungs.”

Yogis are surrounded with salt bricks, salt tiles, and standing on seven to eight inches of salt.

And every breath they claim has benefits.

Barrett says, “It’s this awesome clean unpolluted air. That high mineral content. It also has high negative ion content which is a good thing so the higher negative ions, the more euphoric you feel.”

And there’s a potential plus on overall wellness.

“It goes in,” says Martovich, “and clears up the mucous and congestion. It opens up the airways. It’s 100% soluble- doesn’t stain the lungs. It’s actually the same substance that’s used in saline solutions used in hospitals.”

Fluid moves to focus inward, “Breathing in that awesome salt air into the lower back,” instructs Barrett, now more of a detoxifying experience.

The salt cave yoga classes are offered on Saturdays.

For more information – log onto www.naturalsalthealing.com or call 203-586-1172