About Salt of the Earth

Spa Salt TherapyOur Story

My husband and I started our journey some years ago, when both of us were stricken with auto-immune disorders. Between working in the high-stress, corporate environment, family tragedies, and financial challenges, our health began to deteriorate. We knew it was time for a change. We shifted our diet, lifestyle and therapies, and we felt the improvements in our energy in less than a year. Our conditions became easier to manage. Our children began following natural healing methods and our family became happier, healthier, and more balanced. Today, we share these methods with others through our services and invite you to join us on our journey for health and wellness.

Our Philosophy

The natural elements of fire, water, air and earth, are vital to our health. The mind, body and spirit work together in unity to nurture the whole self. When this delicate harmony becomes disrupted, it gives rise to disease. At Salt of the Earth, we correct these imbalances through natural therapies that restore harmony, improve wellbeing, and prevent disease. As a society, we are starting to see a change in the way we take care of ourselves. We wholeheartedly support this wellness movement and encourage others to adopt a healthier way of life.

The evolution of light and energy in relation to healing is more relevant today than ever before. Book a session with us at Salt of the Earth Sanctuary and discover one of our many treatments, from self care sessions to sessions with one of our Professional Healers or EMT’s (Enlightened Massage Therapists)

What Our Customers Say

“Fell in love with this place! The salt ‘cave’ is literally one of the bestI have found, so relaxing!”

“Great energy there. Highly recommend!”

“I loved the services they offered me and the cave is like taking a nap along the oceanside.”

“I love Salt! Very relaxing. Great vibe. Definitely recommended.”

“The staff could not have been friendlier and more welcoming.  I can’t stop raving about my experience.”

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