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Pandoras imagesFitness Tip for the CRAZY BUSY!
You only have one body and let’s face it, when you are CRAZY BUSY, you let caring for your body fall by the wayside.
This simple HABIT will help you maintain some level of muscle tone and some shape to your figure.
Even the busiest among us take the time to brush our teeth. We have already established the habit and we take the time at least twice a day to brush. So build on this routine and extend the benefits to your body!
Pick up your toothbrush with one hand. Place the other hand on the edge of the sink to steady yourself. Stand with your feet placed apart to the width of your shoulders. Pull in your abdominal muscles and bend your knees slightly. Lower your rear end, as if you were to sit on a tall stool. Your bottom should be above your heels. Hold this pose for the duration of your brushing.
Proper brushing takes at least 2 minutes, twice a day. That’s 1,460 minutes every year that you are now able to spend on your body without taking time away from anything else in your day. Develop this habit and over 10 years, you will have spent 14,600 minutes keeping your body in shape. Your glutes and quads and your mirror will thank you!

Pandora Howie
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