Salt caves or sea air?

Sea Air

How much time is needed for salt therapy? 45 minutes at a salt cave spa gives the equivalent of three days spent at sea. The minimum recommended visits to a salt cave spa is ten — it gives you at least one month of breathing sea air.

History of Salt

Khewra Salt Mine

Welcome to our Oasis! Step into our cave and learn about the history of salt! As you lay back in your zero-gravity chair take a look at the salt that surrounds you. Some of the rocks date back over a thousand years or more. If walls could talk I wonder what ours would say! The Himalayan salt you see on the walls come from one of the oldest mines in Khewra, Pakistan. Some 2,300 years ago the story began when Alexander the Great, along with his army were making their way through Pakistan. Stopping to rest one of the soldiers noticed the horses licking the stones on the ground. The …

Why do we need Salt?

Without salt, there is no life. Salt is naturally found within our bodies, but our consumption of refined salt jeopardizes our health. Regular table salt has nothing in common with the original unrefined crystal salt. Salt nowadays is mainly sodium chloride and not salt as nature intended. Industrial processes strips salt of its natural elements and leaves only sodium and chloride. Without the other minerals to balance proper absorption this results in the end product as an un-natural substance of which the body spends much time trying to get rid of. This can cause an overburden to our body filters. Natural Himalayan Salt consists of natural elements identical to those …