Inside the cave

Our salt cave has been sculpted and carpeted with nature’s oldest salt, Himalayan Crystal.  We provide a space without artificial sprays or bonding agents, giving you the purest environment comprised of much needed negative ions.  Regulated air flow, humidity and temperature combined with today’s technology,  creates an allergen and pollutant free zone, simulating the environment of a salt mine, allowing for a total immersion of natural respiratory therapy.  The  gong in our saltcave is perfectly pitched, blending it’s vibrational sound waves with the energetic frequencies of the salt crystals. These vibrations can help to clear blockages or stuck energy within the body. Having a Yoga session in the cave is …

Salt caves or sea air?

Sea Air

How much time is needed for salt therapy? 45 minutes at a salt cave spa gives the equivalent of three days spent at sea. The minimum recommended visits to a salt cave spa is ten — it gives you at least one month of breathing sea air.