Celebrate Change of Seasons with Yoga and Salt Therapy

Life is a cycle of taking in and letting go, the passing of summer and the approaching of winter is upon us.

Dali Salvador Yoga Instructor

“Autumn is the eternal corrective. It is ripeness and color and a time of maturity, but it is also breadth, depth and distance.” (Hal Barland)

The organs Lung and Large Intestines.

The affirmation:

I have faith, I am letting go, I have enough, I do not need more.


The lung and large intestine are companion organs, representing the element of metal


The element of metal.

The psychological qualities of balance:

compassion, good survival instinct, instinct of intuition.


The psychological qualities of imbalance;

sorrow, resentment, worry, coughing, anguish, pessimism, nostalgia, stubbornness, holding on.

Join Dali Salvador in the cave: Saturday Mornings to celebrate the changing seasons with Yoga and Salt Therapy

For the “yogalicious’ experience,  yoga and halo-therapy provides a healing, therapeutic environment to honor, celebrate and explore the wisdom of our body and the freedom of movement, breath and song to stimulate our energetic frequencies and bring into balance, the mind, body, and soul.