Salt of the Earth Spa is expanding their services by offering CLT (Crystal Light Therapy), Aromatherapy, InfraRed therapy treatments and Energy Healing at the Sanctuary.  Call 203-405-2241 Thursday through Sundays, hours 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM Thursday, Friday and Saturday and 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM Sundays.

We also offer Ayurveda Body/facial treatments in the Rosewood Room, booked by appointment only. Call Jamie McKee at 203-982-5129

On the first and third Saturday of the month Tiffany Rose will be available to offer her Organic Vegan Professional AirBrush Spray Tans. Call Tiffany at 203-305-6669 for more info.

Salt of the Earth is also offering Athena Hall to “Like Minded” people who are part of the alternative and holistic community for rent by the hour, full or half day, or based on a series of weeks for an ongoing class. Call Sue at the Spa at 203-586-1172 for details on this or to schedule your events, workshops or classes. Watch our calendar for all Salt of the Earth’s upcoming events and classes in both locations.


Our Mission


Calling on the spirit of the past, the energy of the present and, the promise of the future, a space of calm and beauty, healing and restoration of the body and spirit, is coming into being.  Salt of the Earth Healing Arts Sanctuary offers a place of tranquility, a place to refresh and renew in this house charged with the energy of old memories and old treasures.

Our Sanctuary presents a feast for the senses, from the serenity of yoga and relaxation classes to the beauty of art, photography, handmade jewelry and more.  A banquet of opportunities to heal and replenish the physical body and inner self will be at your fingertips. You will also discover a place to come to stimulate the mind, as Salt of the Earth Healing Arts Sanctuary will offer evening events ranging from talks about health to programs for children and families.




Cynthia Quintinal comes from a family of women healers. Her great grandmother was a midwife and herbal wise woman, who passed her knowledge on to her daughter. Her knowledge continued to be augmented and passed down through the generations. She had a spiritual awakening in the woods at her home at a very young age, which led her on a path to include spiritual aspects to her work later in life as she realized her passion and path as a healer. Cynthia has studied many healing modalities over her 20 vested years, including Structural Integration, Cellular Memory,  Reiki, Craniosacral, Somato Emotional Release, Lightbodies, Sound Healing, and Maya Abdominal.

Her specialty is leading someone to their inner knowing and higher self. Cynthia is also a singer, poet and clothing designer (and includes singing in her sessions when appropriate.) She and her husband give beautiful healing concerts improvised with crystal bowls, drums and voice with their Sound Healing Project, Crystal Cymbology. They will offer their professional guidance for anyone interested in purchasing sound healing instruments and have been assigned as our Music/Sound Therapy Directors at the Sanctuary. Any musical events will be coordinated and arranged through this talented couple.


Jojo KeaneJoJo Keane is an Energy Healer, Yoga, Journey Dance Instructor and Artist. She offers healing sessions, workshops, and classes. JoJo has studied extensively in the ancient arts of shamanism and science. Her sessions help you to find your blind spots and shift your vibration for more vitality and to find your purpose.

She has helped her clients break bad habits, become strong, resilient and open. She has helped people break addictions, eating disorders and get mentally healthy. JoJo is the founder a virtual place for healing.

JoJo will be offering Journey Dance Classes in Athena Hall. You can contact JoJo at or call the spa at 203-586-1172 for more information.


Susan KatzSusan Katz Jewelry:  In the depths of stones, I saw an endless array of possibilities.  Not the possibility of improving on what nature had created, but the possibility of taking what nature provided and embracing it in arms of silver, integrating pearls with stones, stones with shells, rough with smooth, polished with textured, providing a stage on which nature’s players might perform.  I understood, as well, the power of stones, the energy that is inherent in their creation, the power they have to soothe or delight, to heal or to heighten awareness, to connect us to our inner selves and, to the world around us.  This is the inspiration behind EarthWhorls jewelry.

Literary:  Susan A. Katz is an internationally know poet, author, lecturer, and educator.  She is the author of three poetry collections and two textbooks.  She was a poet in residence for the New York State Poets in Public Service and spent over thirty years conducting workshops for children, teachers, and teachers in training, nationally and internationally.  She has received critical acclaim for her work and is currently engaged in writing a series of children’s stories, in collaboration with composer and pianist, Sharon Ruchman. The stories, Little Bear Series and The Wanda Wannabee Series, combine story telling with original music and engage children in interactive play.


Byron EdyByron Eddy is a 1984 Graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, a Member of AMTA for 30 years, a Master level practitioner of Dellagrotte Core Movement Integration, a system of movement awareness and education for classes and individuals. He’s a Fourth Degree Black Belt in Aikido, a Japanese Martial Art, and has been teaching since 1990. Byron holds the Shidoin teaching certificate. He’s been playing Didgeridoo for more than twenty years, an Australian Aboriginal Instrument for meditation and sound healing.

Byron will be offering Core Movement Integration classes based on the teachings of Mosche Feldenkrais and Josef Dellagrotte. You can contact Byron at 203-266-0001 or Healing Arts at 203-586-1172 for more information.


About Our Sanctuary


The lovely, elegant house, known in recent years as the Wayne Pratt House, sits amidst quiet gardens and graceful old trees on Main Street South, in Woodbury, Connecticut. It was originally built in the mid 1700’s and operated as a tavern, welcoming travelers with food, drink and camaraderie. In later years, it became an inn as well.

In the early 1990’s, a transformation or rebirth came to this charming house in the form of an antique shop. It was imagined into full bloom by Wayne E. Pratt, an antique dealer who was a major force in the antique business, demonstrating his savvy business skills and knowledge of the value of historic objects and memorabilia.

And now, fast forward to 2016 and a new life for this old house. In the heart of historic Woodbury, Connecticut, amidst graceful old homes, tree lined avenues, antique shops and houses of worship, Salt of the Earth Healing Arts will begin its own journey into the soul of this place, touching the heart, the spirit and the body with the joyful power of self awareness and renewal.




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