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Our Mission

At Salt of the Earth, we specialize in holistic therapies that restore balance through touch, heat, and energy. Our practitioners are certified and experienced. Our personalized sessions are designed to accommodate your specific needs and preferences.

About the Spa

At Salt of the Earth, we embrace preventative and holistic healing methods that promote better health and wellness overall. Nourish your body, find internal balance, and restore peace of mind through all-natural, ancient therapies that treat and prevent a number of health conditions. [Read more]

Our Services

Combine our services to customize your session. We offer a variety of spa services to help maintain balance and improve health: salt cave yoga, infrared saunas, massage therapy, Biomat treatments, healing arts, and more.  [Read more]


News and Events

Salt of the Earth has come a long way since we opened our doors on the Woodbury Green South Shopping Center in 2014. Today, we’re much more than a salt cave: we advocate a healthier way of life. Our services and events are opportunities relax and repair core health the natural way.. [Read more]